Legal Services For Employers


Providing Legal Services for Employers

We work with a wide range of businesses and other employers on issues they face in today’s economic and working environment.  Drafting and enforcing employment contracts, nondisclosure and non-competition agreements, severance agreements and contracts for independent contractors are among the services that our law firm provides.  Representing business interests in contract and other business disputes is another area where we work closely with our clients.  We represent employers and supervisors in defense of charges and lawsuits filed by current and former employees.  Most important of all, we counsel our business clients to put measures in place to manage and minimize their legal risk, from advice and counsel regarding discipline and discharge situations, to preparation and updating of employee policy manuals to the training of workers.  Paul Corrado has provided these services to businesses and employers throughout his career. We offer a broad range of services to employers, including:
  • Defending Employers We have successfully defended employers of all sizes and in many different industries in litigation, at trial and before administrative agencies.
  • Employment counseling We will help you effectively address any employment issues that arise, including allegations of discrimination or sexual harassment. We can help you establish and implement policies and procedures, from sexual harassment policies to investigations, employee leaves or other policies that diminish the likelihood of legal problems. We will also advise you regarding how to adapt or change your policies in response to changes in the employment laws.
  • Drafting and Enforcement of Contracts and Agreements We have drafted employment contracts and independent contractor agreements as well as severance documents and non-competition and nondisclosure agreements for a range of businesses and other employers.  A well drafted agreement or contract will clearly spell out the rights and obligations of the parties and lessen the risk of litigation.  If administrative or judicial action is necessary, we are prepared to represent our clients effectively.
  • Employer training We will train you and your management team in ways to reduce your legal risk. We offer training in disciplinary strategies, as well as ways to recognize and prevent workplace discrimination or harassment.
We work with companies across the business spectrum, from small, family companies to large corporations and organizations. We have considerable experience working hand-in-hand with in-house counsel and human resource departments.