Now Meeting with Clients at Two Locations: Avon, Ohio and Beachwood, Ohio

Our jobs are far more than something we do to earn a pay check.  Don’t get me wrong, we understand that pay check is really important!  What we all do for a living in part defines who we are.  It organizes our days and stabilizes our lives.  When you lose your job, get fired, discharged, suspended, put on a performance improvement plan or you don’t get that promotion at work, it’s personal and upsetting.  It’s about you, your family and your life that’s been impacted.

When you’re looking for a lawyer to help you after being fired, disciplined or laid off, you want someone who has knowledge, experience and compassion.  An attorney who can help solve your problems.  You also want an attorney who is available to meet with you about your employment situation.  My firm can meet your needs.  Over the years I have met with people experiencing employment problems at my firm’s location in Beachwood.  I will continue working on Cleveland’s East Side.  Now, I am able to meet with you on Cleveland’s West Side, in Avon, Ohio.

If our firm’s location at 24700 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 309, Beachwood, Ohio 44122 is not convenient for you, we can schedule an appointment and discuss your employment situation at 36368 Detroit Road, Suite B, Avon, Ohio 44011.  Should you need to speak with an employment lawyer, I am close by.